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The department of Urology specializes in conditions that occur in the urinary tract of both male and female. The extent of Urology at KIMSHEALTH also extends to issues pertaining to male reproductive organs. Our doctors are extremely efficient in handling complex cases, as KIMSHEALTH is known to be among the top hospitals providing quality care.

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Dr. Arunbabu  Panackal --KIMSHEALTH Oman Hospital
Dr. Arunbabu Panackal



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Procedures & Treatments


We specialize in all types of urology conditions for both men and women and aim to provide the best care for all our patients.

Our Urology doctors at KIMS HEALTH Hospital Oman. brings forth an abundance of experience and skill. Our dexterous Urologists are experts in diagnosing and treating the most common of urological and endo-urological illnesses afflicting people, handling urological cancer, and performing modern laparoscopic and laser surgeries that greatly reduce normal surgical risks and are among the best urologists in Oman.

The urology clinic at KIMS HEALTH Hospital Oman. set up to provide comprehensive medical and surgical urological services to both men and women pertaining to all age groups in an amicable setting. Our clinic aims to provide the highest quality patient care in a compassionate, secure and patient-centric environment. We use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment and our urologists in KIMS Oman Hospital are highly skilled and handle all cases - simple and complex problems. We believe that our education and missions serve to enhance excellence in patient care and distinguish us for the quality outcomes we provide.

Our urologists are veterans in the field of Urology and render the following services and treatments:

  1. Endoscopic removal of Kidney stones, Ureteric stones and bladder stones.

  2. Laparoscopic surgeries of Kidney tumors and Stones.

  3. Transurethral endoscopic surgery for prostate (TURP) and bladder diseases (TURBT).

  4. Reconstructive Urology (Open & Laparoscopic Surgery).

  5. Female Urology (Including Stress Incontinence).

  6. Treatment for Male Infertility and Impotence.

  7. Pediatric Urology (Open & Endoscopic Surgery).

  8. All Investigations for Urinary Problems in Male, Female and Children.

  9. Complete evaluation of prostatic complaints using PSA + Uroflometrey + Ultrasound scan + Flexible Cystoscopy.

  10. Complete work up of Urinary stone diseases with Urine and Metabolic tests, Kidney function tests, X-ray, IVU (Excretory Urograms), CT Scans, Stone Analysis etc.

  11. Operation Suites for all Endourology procedures, Video cystoscopy, Fluoroscopy (C-Arm Guided) Procedures.

  12. Post operative and ICU Care with full time Anaesthetist and Critical Care Monitoring.

  13. Specialized emergency Care for Patients with Colics, Urinary retention & Blood in Urine.


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